comission a custom story by aimee ginsburg bikel

Have you ever wished you could write a compelling story about an experience- real or imagined, yours or perhaps a parent, grandparent, child, or partner's- but could not find the right words or writing style? 

Perhaps you would like to see yourself, or a loved one (past or present) come alive in a profile story, something to pass on, or to give you the gift of perspective?

Or perhaps you have a dream, an idea, just an inkling of a tale which you have always wanted to see in written form, but wish someone could write it for you? 

Let Aimee help. 

Over her 35 year career as a journalist, she has profiled close to 100 men and women for newspapers and magazines and has published her short stories and poetry in a wide variety of publications. 

Aimee has been commissioned by CEOs, political activists, and other professionals to write their profiles for their own use (in publications, marketing, or family albums). Aimee has also written commissioned letters and stories for parents, lovers, and friends wishing to record and communicate their thoughts and feelings, resolve conflict, be seen, and understood. 

We begin with a conversation, and take it from there. To commission writing from Aimee Ginsburg Bikel contact her today.  

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